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— No Children under the age of 8 are permitted to participate. —

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my child is registered?
You will receive a “CONGRATULATIONS” email stating that your child is enrolled. It is important you double check your email address when you type it in. This is our form of communication with you and your child. The email should come within minutes. You will also receive a reminder email days before camp.
How did registration open and close so quickly?
EB fans are amazing and they simply fill the list faster than most camps.
Why does my child need to be 8 years old?
This camp requires attention, coordination, and a level of skill that we do not feel those under 8 have developed yet. The kids also have to stand in line and be attentive to their surroundings to avoid any mishap. We love the young ones and think they are incredibly cute but they have "ants in their pants" and it is distracting to our coaches and the kids that are of age. We ask that you wait another year or two.
Why does it cost $5 this year?
Every year we enroll a limited number of kids and every year we have 30% no show. The theory is that the $5 will encourage the parents to double check their calendar, make sure we don’t have 3 people enrolling the same child, and hold them a bit more accountable and show. We are prepared for 100% of the kids! Let’s see it!
What is James and Eric Berry Father & Son Camp?
A favorite camp of EB’s hometown of Fairburn, GA, this camp welcomes father or guardian and their son to work as a team to compete for some pretty great prizes. It is on field camp with speed and agility drills followed with ball handling and whatever else Mr Berry has up his sleeve. Please note that you must also enroll your child in “Playmaker’s Camp” (youth camp). Please do not enroll your son in Father Son Camp.
What if I enrolled my child and now we cannot attend?
PLEASE LET US KNOW! We cut registration off at 275 kids with more wanting to come. If you let us know then we can open that space. You can email
Where is the James and Eric Berry Football Complex?
6000 Rivertown Rd, Fairburn GA 30213 is the short answer. When you enter the park please drive passed the pond yielding to the geese and turn left to park between the pool and the football field. Walk up the sidewalk to the check-in tables. The tables are separated into Father Son Camp, Youth Camp, and Cheer camp and further divided into age group.
Can I take a selfie/photo of EB?
Yes, but we ask that it is quick and limited to one to two photos. We have 275 kids to get through a line and we are limited on time before we have to be out of the facility. Please have your phone/camera ready so it can be quick.
What do I need to bring with my child?
Your waiver is completed online so bring nothing but your child. His/her name will be on a list with their coordinating shirt size. We will provide water and food at the end of camp. If your child has medical needs please bring those items and let Emily (tall brunette in EBF polo) know if we need to keep our eye on them.
Should I feed my child beforehand?
YES but not too much. The kids will not eat until almost 9 pm. However- we do not want any pukers.
Should I hydrate my child beforehand?
Absolutely. Dehydration is a huge factor of muscle strains and pulls. This is something you should encourage and make a habit of in general for your young athlete. Proper hydration with water or sports drink is key- not soda.
I love that beautiful camp t-shirt. Can I have one?
We will sell the camp t-shirts and concession during camp. Camp shirts will be sold for $10 with cash or credit card. We hold youth small to adult XXXL sizes.
Can I stay and watch?
Feel free to stay during camp. Please do not get on the field. This includes yourself and your other children.
Can I be on the field?
No. We will invite the parents on the field during the final awards section of camp. You may sit in the stands. Better view up there anyway.
Will there be a signing session after camp?
Yes. After camp and the kids have eaten we will send a line through for EB to sign one item. Any fellow players/athletes attending will also sign if they choose.
What does my child need to wear?
Please dress them in athletic shorts, shoes, and socks. We will provide the shirt when you walk up and check in. We ask that you not layer the child’s clothes unless we have a cool evening.